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Workers bid farewell to Cadbury

By Ruci Farrell  -

Cadbury confectioner Theresa Gooch is one of 85 full-time staff bidding farewell as the iconic Kiwi brand shuts down another segment of the Dunedin plant.

Cadbury Dunedin. Photo/ Expedia - Tourism Media.

Her grandmother and mother also worked at Cadbury and now she is contemplating a return to nursing, after 17 years with Cadbury.

She says today's send-off will be quite emotional for staff who have been with Cadbury for generations.

"I was 29 when I started and my son was four. My son is now 21," she says. "I spent 15 years on the back shift midnight till 8, so that I could work and bring up my son at the same time."

"It was well worth the wages and working with so many people, a lot of people in similar situations as yourself. The family atmosphere at Cadbury has just been amazing over the years."