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FIFA's Oceania leadership in breach of OFC rules

By Lisa Williams-Lahari -

The current leadership void for one of the strongest sports codes in the Pacific may be in breach of the FIFA rules.

Oceania Football works from its New Zealand headquarters to manage millions of dollars to develop and fund football, also known as soccer, across the region.

The body is without a talking head following the resignation last week of Papua New Guinea's David Chung as OFC President.

Chung's resignation comes as an initial audit, now a major investigation into a $15 million OFC building project in St Johns, may widen to include the serious fraud office and police. 

A source close to the Oceania Football committee says the lack of an acting President for the OFC, following last weekend's Auckland meeting of the executive, may have opened up new problems. 

While OFC on its website says leadership will be shared by the executive for now, the source says having no acting President is in breach of the OFC and FIFA founding documents.

Rules of procedure around leadership cite succession to the Vice President if the President resigns between elections.

The most senior of the three Oceania Vice Presidents is Lee Harmon of the Cook Islands.

Lee Harmon. Photo/ FIFA.

Harmon declined to comment, while the OFC release says due to the ongoing investigations, they won't be making any further comment for now.

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