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Cooks government supports 'moana' leave for remote island travellers

By Lisa Williams-Lahari -

The Cook Islands Incumbent Minister of Finance says he will be supporting a plea from public servants in the northern islands that the Public Service Commissioner grant them special 'Moana' leave.

Public servants are entitled to 20 days annual leave but those in the North can spend up to half that time travelling by boat, if they want to visit family in Rarotonga or Auckland.

The issue will be heading to the Public Service Commissioner for a review.

"They certainly have the government's sympathy and we'll look at ways to make that happen to ensure that there is a fair allocation of leave for those living in our remote islands and finding it difficult to get to our main islands," says Brown.

Brown is an MP for the Cook Islands Party and is standing again for the Takuvaine-Tutakimoa electorate in this year's general election on Thursday (Friday NZT).

Incumbent Finance Minister Mark Brown (right) campaigning in the Northern Cook Islands. Photo/ PMN.

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