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Cooks Democratic Party leader ahead of Puna as preferred PM in pre-election poll

By Lisa Williams-Lahari -

An informal media poll of 100 voters across the Cook Islands has given Democratic Party leader Tina Pupuke-Browne a seven-point lead as the country's preferred Prime Minister, over Cook Islands Party leader and current Prime Minister Henry Puna.

Democratic Party Cook Islands Leader Tina Pupuke-Brown. Photo/ DPCI.

The Cook Islands News poll shows 29 percent prefers Pupuke-Browne as leader, 28 percent are undecided and 22 percent for Puna.  

The Cook Islands Party is sitting on a two-point lead over the Democratic Party. The poll shows 32 percent support the Cook Islands Party and 30 percent for the Democratic Party. 

Seven percent supports the One Cook Islands Party running the country, while 31 percent of voters say they're unsure who they prefer, or none of the current line-up appeals to them.

Cook Islands Party Leader Henry Puna and MP Mark Brown. Photo/ PMN.

The poll has also put fiscal mismanagement and corruption, health and roads at the top of the list of current issues voters want addressed.

The poll shows all three issues bunched together with a one point difference between each of them. Voters say the environment is also a main concern.

Political reform has been given a decisive thumbs up.

Sixty three percent of voters say political reform needs to happen, while 13 percent disagrees and 24 percent unsure or not bothered.

Sixty one percent of voters say the country needs to stop accepting aid from China.

The Cook Islands News phone poll in the buildup to election day is a regular feature of the Cook Islands elections. 

The 2018 poll covered just under one percent of the country's voter population of 10,315 people. 

The election polls will close off at 4pm Friday (NZT).

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