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Cook Islands women's league team back in the game

By Levi Matautia-Morgan -

The Cook Islands Women's Rugby League team is making a return to the Rugby League World Cup this year.

The Cook Islands Women's Rugby League team. Photo/ Facebook - Ozzy Cooks Rugby League.

The last time the squad competed in the World Cup was in 2005.

April Moeara helped to put the team together and says it's a big deal for the Cook Islands.

"We're very proud. It means that we're getting noticed as a small nation in the sport and that we're moving forward in the game itself."

Moeara says the team is made up of representatives from all of the islands in the Cooks. 

"It's a big statement for us because we haven't really been looked at over the years."

Their first game will be against Australia on November 16 in Sydney.

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