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Auckland's blocked toilet warning

By Gladys Hartson -

There are concerns of sewage overflows in parts of Auckland because people are flushing the wrong things down toilets and blocking pipes.

Photo/ Architonic.

Watercare's asset protection manager Peter Rogers says people need to be aware of the damaging consequences this could lead to.

"If you put down things that are not meant to be put down the toilet it can cause overflow into the environment and overflow into residential properties," he says. 

"It's an intricate network of pipes and pumps in order for the waste to make its way out to the waste water treatment plant."

Rogers says plumbers will often find all sorts of objects that have been flushed. 

"A lot of cotton buds, dental floss...fats and oils and greases. It just builds up until it blocks the network," he says.

Earlier this week, nappies and wet wipes were flushed down a toilet, creating a major blockage.

It can cost thousands of dollars to fix blocked pipes and Watercare's asking Aucklanders to flush responsibly.