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Recipe: Chicken Curry & Roti

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‘O iko sa via kana?

Fiji is where it's at today for Aunty's Kitchen Recipe! Celebrating Fiji Language week, we're finishing it off with a personal favourite and hopefully will be one of yours. Differing versions, but please adjust to your personal taste.


3 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs (cut into bit size pieces)

1 bulb of garlic (or more if you desire)

4 bay leaves

1 teaspoon ground cloves

3 teaspoons ground ginger

2 teaspoons cumin

1 teaspoon marjoram

1/4 teaspoon ground coriander

1/4 teaspoon turmeric

1/4 teaspoon yellow mustard seeds (grounded)

2 -3 ounces curry powder (suit to your taste or color)

1 chicken bouillon cube (if you'd like to salt your curry)

2 potatoes

1 eggplant

  1. Cut the chicken into bite size pieces. 
  2. Add garlic and mix into chicken.
  3. In a separate bowl mix all of the spices and curry powder together (but not the bay leaves). Slowly add spice mixture into chicken/garlic while mixing by hand to ensure even coverage. Set the mixed chicken aside to sit for a while while you make the Roti.
  4. Pour just enough oil to cover the bottom of a large pot. Place 4 bigger bay leaves into the pot and warm oil on medium for a few minutes (before the bay leaves turn brown).
  5. Turn heat to high and add chicken. Cook at high heat stirring every minute for 10 minutes, then turn to medium/medium low heat. Use your judgment when cooking at high heat because you don't want the chicken to stick or burn. If the pot is lacking any liquid from the high temperature, add small amounts of water or chicken stock. As the chicken cooks longer, the juices are released. Use your judgment.
  6. 5 minutes after turning the heat from high to medium/medium low, add the cubed potatoes and eggplant. When potatoes are done, the curry is done. Make sure the eggplant is dissolved into the curry.


Cooking Equipment:

Girdle or roti iron or hot plate/frying pan

1 basin or large bowl

1 cup

1 tbl spoon

rolling pin

flat, smooth board or surface


Four cups of boiled water

3 cups of Plain flour

Margarine or ghee


  1. Boil four cups of water
  2. Scoop 3 cups of normal flour into a basin/large bowl and sieve flour
  3. Add three cups of boiling water into the flour mix and stir with a spoon
  4. Keep mixing flour and boiled water with the spoon. Knead the mix until dough is soft. Grease dough with margarine and knead the margarine into the dough again.
  5. Heat the girdle/frying pan until hot and grease once with margarine. While the girdle is heating up, roll out the dough into a strip and divide into prefered sized roti balls. Dab with a little flour to avoid sticking to the flat board.
  6. Using the rolling pin, roll out the dough until thin and place on hot girdle/frying pan Turn roti over three times until light brown. Continue until all the dough is used.
  7. Avoid using too much water as this will make the dough stick. Too little water will make the dough hard.(Practise makes perfect)
  8. ENJOY AND SHARE with all your loved ones...

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