About Us

Niu FM

The Beat of the Pacific

Bringing to you the best of contemporary pacific music - we are essentially “the Beat of the Pacific!” We are the only station to play all your favourite artists that you won’t find anywhere else! Keep up to date with your favourite songs, artists and news with Niu FM. Tune in or listen online!

Nationwide Frequencies

Whangarei 103.9

Auckland 103.8

Hamilton 103.4

Rotorua 103.9

Taupo 104.0

Hawkes Bay 103.9

Taranaki 103.6

Manuwatu 103.4

Wellington 103.7 / 104.1

Christchurch 104.1

Dunedin 103.8

Invercargill 103.9

Niu FM is your one stop station for all things made of pacific poly goodness!